Cyrious Body And Paint Division

At Cyrious Garageworks, we have always prided ourselves on doing as much of the work on our builds in house as possible. Whether it’s rebuilding engines and transmissions, straightening out body panels, or just balancing tires, we’ve done it all. “Except for paint” we would always say. Not anymore!

Welcome to the Cyrious Garageworks Body and Paint Division. We’re taking our years of experience restoring cars from the ground up, and bringing it all to the next level by doing our own custom paint jobs in house.

Many of the qualities that have gotten us to where we are today will be put to work in the paint shop as well: our attention to detail, our uncompromising level of quality, and our pledge to get the job done right the first time.

We have partnered with BASF in order to ensure that we are providing the highest quality paint jobs possible, by using the best paint possible. In partnering with BASF, we join the ranks of Chip Foose, Troy Trepanier, and others who are considered to be some of the premiere car builders in the world today!

Equipped with a state-of-the-art downdraft spray booth, and our partnership with BASF, we are in a position to bring your craziest paint dreams to fruition! Send an email to with any inquiries today!

About Us

Cyrious Garageworks was founded in 2012 by Pat Cyr with the goal of building some of the coolest cars on the planet.

A gearhead from a young age, it was clear to everyone who knew him that Pat would one day own a shop, it was simply a matter of when, where, and how. Pat spent much of his youth honing his mechanical skills whether it was taking apart bicycles or helping out with cars in the garage at the house. Fast forward to the early 2000s and Pat was at this point employed at Stingray Auto Tech working almost exclusively on Corvettes of all vintages, from some of the most rare and iconic classic Corvettes, to brand new factory-fresh Corvettes. There, Pat would discover a love for classic car restoration, as well as developing a basis for the fabrication skills which would become his specialty. Another thing that Pat took away from his time at Stingray was an eye for detail, something that a lot of newer shops and builders tend to lack for one reason or another. It was around this time that Pat began building his own cars, starting out with a Cutlass Wagon on air ride.

At some point during Pat’s tenure at Stingray, the drifting bug bit. Pat already had a growing interest in motorsports, having built a Honda Civic for autocross events and spending plenty of weekends attacking time in a parking lot full of cones. One day a friend split on an AE86 with Pat and that changed everything as we knew it. Before long the times at autocross started getting slower, and the corner entries starting getting faster. Autocross quickly dropped off of the priority list and drifting made its way to the top. Still working at Stingray, Pat built his race car in his spare time in the garage at home.

It was during this time that Pat developed a reputation as an expert of all things AE86, as that particular car is sort of a cult classic Toyota that’s rabidly popular, but technical information can sometimes be hard to find. Having driven the AE86 in professional drifting competition for 8 years, Pat developed extensive knowledge of the inner workings of an AE86, such as different engine swaps and how to tune the suspension to squeeze as much grip as possible out of the live axle rear end.

After a number of years of being one of the few guys successfully driving an AE86 in professional drifting competition, it was announced that Scion Canada would provide Pat with an FR-S to be built into a professional drift car. With the ZN6 chassis being heralded as the successor to the AE86 line, it seemed only fitting to have one of the most stalwart AE86 drivers finally make the transition into this new machine. Knowing that the new chassis would require significant research and development in order to be competitive, it was becoming less realistic to continue working the day job at Stingray Auto Tech.

Shortly thereafter, Cyrious Garageworks opened its doors in Mississauga in the Summer of 2012 specializing in race car preparation, fabrication, restoration, as well as maintenance. The shop is now located in Oakville near Third Line and the QEW, centrally situated between Toronto and Hamilton. Our new 7000 sq. ft. facility is well equipped and more than capable of handling just about any fabrication project or car restoration, from the ground up.

 All of our staff have gained experience in various aspects of the automotive world, and bring that unique and varied experience along with them on every build that we undertake. Whether you want a drift car or a drag car, a show car or a sleeper, we can make your dreams a reality at Cyrious Garageworks!