1972 Datsun 240Z Restoration: The Saga Continues


Though this project is a restoration, there’s still a little bit of modification to be done to make this 240Z as unique as it can be. The bumpers stick out quite a bit on the car from stock, and the the front lip doesn’t fit perfectly on the car. We would need to pinch the bumpers in to make them sit nice and flush to the body, and make adjustments to the front lip to make it fit a bit more properly. On top of that, we decided that with the new engine and the layout that we had mapped out under the hood, it was no longer necessary to keep the stock “service doors” that are beside the hood. Even a detail like that will definitely be a stand out feature on this vehicle!


We came to realize, after some thorough research, that we were going to be unable to find a reproduction rear bottom quarter, and buying another car wasn’t really the most practical way to obtain it, so it was decided that we would just fix the section that was already there.