2013 Scion FR-S: Invidia Cat-back Exhaust Installation!

We recently had a 2013 Scion FR-S in to the shop to get a brand new aftermarket exhaust installed. What better way to get the blog up and movin’ than with a neat little FR-S post? Let’s jump right in and see what’s going on here!

The Invidia Cat-back Exhaust is a pretty trick piece of kit…very pretty welds all around and all of the pieces were polished and good looking! This met with widespread approval in the shop.

Invidia even goes so far as to put a respectably sized plate with their name on it. They must be proud of their product, which is always a good sign!

This is the biggest piece of the equation, and it even has this neat aluminized sticker on it. They do everything they can to remind you that this stuff is damn good, and that they’re proud of it!

This is something that caught the guys’ astute eyes. These custom flanges are a lot cooler than the plain old flanges you tend to get with some parts. Maximum Cyrious approval, once again!

Before you could even say “New exhaust, please” the guys were working at disassembling the OEM exhaust system. Needless to say, it was a pleasant change of pace for them to work on a relatively new car…all the bolts came out with minimal persuasion!

Once the factory exhaust had been removed, it was time to get the Invidia stuff bolted in!