Roll Cages Galore!



We’ve had several cars in for roll cages recently of all different shapes and sizes, and they’re showing no sign of letting up! From Targa Newfoundland to drifting and beyond, our roll cages can meet any specification you require!

BMW E46 – Targa Newfoundland

This BMW E46 was slated to run in Targa Newfoundland this year, so a roll cage was indeed required! The customer wanted to leave the option open for potential future rally endeavours, so he opted for a beefier cage than what was required from the Targa Newfoundland rulebook.

IMG_0206IMG_0227IMG_0228 (2)IMG_0229IMG_0238IMG_0251IMG_0255IMG_0257

240sx S13 Coupe – Drift Missile

This car was being made purely for fun, so the cage for this one just needed to meet the bare minimum for drifting competition. We also did some chassis stitch welding while we were at it!

IMG_0476 IMG_0559IMG_0572IMG_0577IMG_0582IMG_0584IMG_0585IMG_0586

240sx S13 Coupe – Drift Competition Car

As it turns out, this S13 actually came to us at basically the exact same time as the one above. That being said though, this cage was actually being built to a slightly different spec from the last one, so it made it interesting to see the different kind of cage options one can go with using the same car!



Honda Civic EF – 24hrs of LeMons

Next up was this Honda Civic EF being built for the LeMons endurance competition. As this car would be seeing door-to-door racing action, there was a lot of focus on making sure the driver’s compartment is as safe as possible from any kind of collision.



Scion TC – Show / Time Attack

This car would not be seeing any kind of door to door racing, so the cage’s primary function was mostly for show, and would serve a dual purpose of stiffening the car up for time attack. Even for a show car, we don’t cut any corners! This roll cage, like every other built at Cyrious Garageworks, is built under the impression that it will be used in motorsports, and as such is built to the highest standards of safety possible!



Check back for more roll cage madness coming soon!