Recreating a Legend – Subaru Impreza 22B

When it comes to 90’s rally cars, there are few that evoke cherished memories quite like the Subaru Impreza 22b. Not only was it just one great looking machine, but it was driven to many a victory by rally legend Colin McRae. We were tapped to make one for the street, so we jumped at the opportunity! Like many of the builds here at Cyrious Garageworks, there’s a bit more to it than just bolting up a body kit and sending it out the door. Let’s have a closer look!

Even in stock format, the 2.5 RS is a great looking car. It does lack the aggressive look of a wide body though. Let’s get this kit out of the box and see how it all lines up!

With the kit test fitted, we’ve got a bit of a better idea of what we’ll need to do to make it look good. The areas outlined in black marker are the “trouble areas” that will need extra attention. This kit sadly was fairly rough around the edges, which meant lots of extra hours would be put into making everything line up correctly, as well as look smooth when it’s all done. Not only that, but there’s also some metal work to do with this car before we even start with the body kit. This one isn’t getting the full restoration treatment, but there’s still lots to fix!

This piece would wind up being one of the more complicated pieces in the rust repair on this vehicle. The picture above demonstrates why. The metal would need to be stretched ever so slightly so that it could meet the curve of the roof. Difficult though it may be, nothing’s impossible!

With metal work basically complete, it’s on to the body kit!

Alright! Now that everything is mocked up on the car, we fully strip the car down to send it out for paint. Any time we send a car out to paint, we make sure to fully strip the exterior which includes removing all trim, weather stripping, door handles, and lights. This makes it so that we get the most thorough paint job possible from stem to stern, as well as in the door jambs and trunk jamb, and to keep the paint off of all of the fresh rubber components. Off to paint for a fresh coat of World Rally Blue, and then final assembly begins!

The black alcantara headliner works really well with this car!









































































































There it is! Ready to go and tear up some twisty dirt roads at full throttle! There are still plenty of jobs left to do on this car, but in terms of being a running and driving car that looks awesome and is as safe to drive as the factory originally intended, this one is ready to rock! Keep your eyes peeled, maybe this one will come back for some work under the hood!