2nd Annual 86 Day at Cyrious Garageworks!


Well, we counted another year here at Cyrious Garageworks, which meant that it was time yet again to host (arguably) the coolest 86 Day party in town! Last year’s 86 Day meet was a cool event with some neat cars, but was kinda thrown together at the last minute. This time around we decided to announce it several days ahead, and we’re happy we did!


It was a slow trickle of people at first, but before we knew it the place started filling up with both cars and people. Our lot was quickly filled with an assortment of AE86s, FR-S’, and other various cars which we showcased in front of the shop.

IMG_1064We were delighted to see cars start lining the street outside. Lots of cool cars accompanied by lots of cool people! It’s always a good vibe when you get a bunch of proper enthusiasts together for a meet like this. There was nobody causing trouble, and just a general respectful and fun atmosphere to the whole thing.

IMG_1065Some people voiced their concerns with having a meet like this on a Wednesday night, but we decided that honouring 86 Day on the actual day itself was important, and we were not to be disappointed (The Panda Levin pictured here came all the way from Montreal!!). Even as the sun dropped and the moon came up, everybody stuck around to check out the assortment of unique vintage Toyotas, among other neat cars that seemed to constantly be flowing in.

IMG_1073Even outside in the street there was still plenty of hustle and bustle well into the night! It was pretty amazing to see just how many people decided to come out to celebrate 86 Day! Sometimes it’s easy to forget how strong the car culture scene is here in Ontario, but this meet helped prove it’s definitely alive and well!

IMG_1084At the end of the night, we were left with some good pals hanging out to cap it off! To sum it all up, The 2nd Annual 86 Day was a great success, and wound up being a wonderful opportunity to run into old friends as well as making some new ones. We’ll be sure to host it again next year, so mark your calendars now!