A Lowridin’ Exhaust – ’63 Impala

IMG_0940When building a custom vehicle of any sort, the exhaust is a sometimes overlooked, yet extremely important part of the build to get done with the utmost attention to detail. That is even moreso the case when it comes to building an exhaust for a car with full hydraulic suspension intended for hopping. Plenty of people will be able to see under this one, so everything has to be just right! On top of that, having the car hopping around means that the exhaust has to be strong enough to handle the abuse without ripping itself off the car.


Another thing to take note of when building an exhaust for a lowrider of this variety is that the exhaust must be made to be out of the way of moving parts. Nobody wants to crush their exhaust while hopping their car!


There’s not much room for error here! With an exhaust such as this one, the most aesthetic choice is to build the exhaust nice and tight to the frame. This makes for a symmetrical, clean look when all is said and done.


As you can see, the car came to us already painted and with plenty of chrome bits attached. This made for an additional degree of difficulty with the job, since extra care has to be taken to not damage the paint or chrome while mocking up the exhaust.


It’s a pretty painstaking job getting one side to look exactly like the other. One slight, barely noticeable error in measurement at the front can lead to the exhaust pipe being off by upwards of an inch further down the line. Needless to say, measuring twice and cutting once is the name of the game here!

20140617_162836The end result is an exhaust system that sounds great, and fits the customer’s needs. Most importantly, it’s a quality piece that will last a long time, and will look great doing it!