A Super Restomod – Lotus Super Seven – Part One

We’ve mentioned before that we enjoy challenging projects from time to time, and this one would be no exception.

It’s a Lotus Super Seven! Okay, but not actually. Y’see, this is actually a licensed copy of the Lotus Super Seven, one that was manufactured by a Canadian company in the 70’s and 80’s. So, as much as it wasn’t built in the UK, it shares many similarities (along with a couple key differences) to the original. The most prominent difference: the entire drivetrain from front to back has been taken from a 70’s Toyota Corolla. A Toyota 2TC engine, mated to the appropriate Toyota transmission, coupled at the back to a Toyota Corolla rear axle.

As you can tell, things are a little bit rough to start. Before we can even consider body work we’ve gotta get this thing mostly assembled and see if/when something is missing, as well as to get any necessary fabrication work finished.

Our end goal with this one was fairly clear: complete the car (obviously), as well as to give it some nice, subtle custom touches. With factory originality being a bit less of a concern with this build, we had a bit more freedom to get creative.