Build: AE86 Full Restoration – The Process


A lot of times we get calls from people that want to restore their beloved old car. Whether it’s an AE86 or any other vintage car, the definition of “restoration” tends to differ from person to person. This particular restoration of a 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S is the Cyrious Garageworks definition of the word “restoration”. From top to bottom, no part of this car was left untouched. A full restoration involves a lot of work, so we’ll take you through as much of it as we can, from the humble start, to the glorious finish!


This car came to us in what one might consider to be a mostly complete condition. Although it looked that way on the outside, this car was very far from complete, both on the exterior and under the hood. What you see here was only the beginning for this car, let’s take you through the restoration process it went through to get it to what it looks like at the top!



Chief amongst many of the problems that this car came to us with was an issue with the paint. It’s hard to say what the exact cause of the problem was, but to make a long story short, the paint wasn’t sticking to the car. This caused a number of problems, paint was bubbling and chipping in spots, and more importantly the windows weren’t staying in place. Basically the rear quarter window could be pushed out by hand with the right amount of force. On top of that, there was overspray on everything, and there were some pretty nasty runs where paint was laid on extra thick. Clearly, before any serious bodywork could be done we needed to get rid of all that paint and see what was underneath.