Build: International Scout II Restoration


Restorations come in all forms, shapes and sizes, and this International Scout II is a prime example of a build where the vehicle came to us looking “not bad” by most people’s standards, but wound up requiring insane amounts of bodywork once we started digging in. Before we get to that though, let’s start right from the beginning…


There it is, in all its “original” glory. I say “original” because this vehicle had already been “restored” once, likely by a hobbyist in their home garage. Again, to someone who doesn’t know any better, this vehicle looks half decent. It’s not got rust all over it, and the doors all open and close. What more could you want, right? The answer is: quite a lot, actually. Fitment on this vehicle was all over the place. Although all of the doors closed, it was only just barely. The hood was also completely out of whack. The trunk had been affixed with wood screws and weatherstripped with seat cushion foam. The owner wasn’t too hot on the roof either, so that would have to be removed permanently, and we would be swapping in a Small Block Chevy engine just to toughen this truck up a bit. Lastly, we decided to give the truck a modest lift to accomodate some meaty rubber!


Due to some unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances, a good chunk of our early pictures of this build were lost, so we’re picking it back up very shortly after disassembly and sending the truck out for sandblasting. Once the truck was blasted, we realized that we had a fairly large amount of bodywork ahead of us. As you can somewhat see in this picture, repair panels were haphazardly welded in and then were covered with a thick coating of body filler in an attempt to even out the surface, but they didn’t do much of a job of that either.  This brings up another difficulty with restoring a slightly more obscure model such as this one: some parts are easy to come by, and some are few and far between. Included in the “few and far between” list of course were doors, so we had no choice but to either find another Scout II that hadn’t been messed with, or just work with what we had. Obviously purchasing a whole other vehicle wasn’t really going to be the most practical solution, so we went to town with the filler!