So yeah, I called this post Winter Warfare ’cause it sounds badass. It is sort of an accurate description of this year’s winter season at Cyrious Garageworks though!! Let’s take a couple quick looks at some of the projects being worked on in the cold winter months! 1975 International Scout This 1975 International Scout came to us with the… Continue reading WINTER WARFARE

Roll Cages Galore!

We’ve had several cars in for roll cages recently of all different shapes and sizes, and they’re showing no sign of letting up! From Targa Newfoundland to drifting and beyond, our roll cages can meet any specification you require! BMW E46 – Targa Newfoundland This BMW E46 was slated to run in Targa Newfoundland this year,… Continue reading Roll Cages Galore!

2013 Scion FR-S Kraftwerks Supercharger: Installed!

Though a large portion of our clientele here at Cyrious Garageworks are interested in restoring older cars, we do get plenty of modern fare here as well! This time around we had a 2013 Scion FR-S which was in some dire need of boost, and we were happy to oblige! After some research and deliberation, we decided that… Continue reading 2013 Scion FR-S Kraftwerks Supercharger: Installed!

Busy busy busy!

Everybody knows: once the thermometer creeps above freezing, us car enthusiasts like to drag our beauties out of the garage and get ’em ready for the Summer. Things are no different here in Ontario, and our Spring season is in full swing! That said, we still have plenty of openings, so if you need anything… Continue reading Busy busy busy!