AE86 Windshield Frame Restoration

The AE86, though a wonderfully fun car to drive, tends to sometimes have some little issues that hinder the enjoyment of one’s AE86 experience. Around these parts, a common one of those issues is rust.

The Brothers of Doom meet at last!

These guys had been giving each other dirty looks from a distance for a while, but they finally met face to face. We managed to keep things friendly between the two for long enough to get a couple pictures. Enjoy!

Busy busy busy!

Everybody knows: once the thermometer creeps above freezing, us car enthusiasts like to drag our beauties out of the garage and get ’em ready for the Summer. Things are no different here in Ontario, and our Spring season is in full swing! That said, we still have plenty of openings, so if you need anything… Continue reading Busy busy busy!