Project 86: Build A Dream AE86 In 86 Days

While chassis reinforcement was happening on one side of the shop, engine rebuilding was happening on the other side. Though the work rate was solid through the entire project, it really felt like things started going faster from this point on, as the car began to take shape.

Before we knew it, the car was painted by the boys over at 242 Customs and parts started being mated to the chassis! Eagle eyed readers may have noticed that we installed a half cage in this car, for some added chassis stiffness as well as a little bit of sporty flair. Also, the brand new Rota Wheels from Rota Canada are all fitted up with Yokohama S.Drives (195s up front, 205s out back) and lookin’ fresh! The engine build was all buttoned up as well, and the 20v Blacktop 4AGE was ready to go into its new home!