Rocket Bunny 240z – A Modern Classic

The drip rails were rotting away from the inside out, so it was decided that the best course of action would be to get rid of them altogether. Though it’s not the kind of modification for somebody who intends on driving the car every day rain or shine (there’s a reason they’re called “drip rails” after all), it’s one that really smooths out the roof lines on the 240z.

With the drip rails shaved and welded up, it’s on to the rest of the rust repair! Lots of cutting and welding left to do!

With the floors, trans tunnel, and firewall all brought back to life with fresh metal, it was time to move on to the fenders! As we mentioned earlier, this car is getting a Rocket Bunny kit. That’ll save is a little bit of time in metalwork, since we don’t have to recreate the original fender arches, we can just cut them and seal them up. That said, with a car this rotten, there’s definitely plenty of work left to do, and nothing’s easy! More cuttin’ and weldin’ on the next page!