Summer Season Projects

All sorts of stuff is keeping us busy here at Cyrious Garageworks! Take a look and see what our Summer has looked like this year! This Cressida came in for some various rear end work and other odds and ends.


This very fast Z06 came in for some quick service. It’s certainly not hard to spot this car on the road with the aggressive exhaust note, and the bright yellow paint. It’s even harder to miss in the parking lot with the aftermarket scissor doors popped up!


This Mazda3 wanted to get a bit lower, so who better than the Cyrious Garageworks team to help him out! This car went from getting into the shop without any issues to needing a plethora of wood blocks to get it out. Definitely aggressive!


Here we have a 2013 Subaru WRX STI that came in wanting a whole lot of Cusco chassis parts installed. It was pretty cool seeing all the blue Cusco parts covering the bottom of the car at the end!

That’s all for now! Check back soon and we’ll have more updates for you!