Supra Preservation – Rust Removal

80’s Supras, much like 80’s Corollas, are becoming more and more rare as time goes on. Sadly the Supra is not immune to the afflictions some of these old vehicles seem to get, least of all: rust. Like any great vintage Japanese car, it has the ability to slowly disintegrate before your very eyes. The same can be said for this Supra, a cherished family car, but starting to really show its age.

Don’t let the reasonably tidy looking exterior fool you…it may look fine from a distance, but take a closer look…

Alright, a little bit of rust but not too bad right? Wrong.

As we began repairs in the rear, we started noticing more and more rot every minute. This can become a problem, since rust repair tends to add to the labour bill pretty quickly, and we were working within a budget on this project. Thankfully, we were able to come up with an alternate plan: find a clean Supra rear end from somewhere south of the border, and use it to replace anything that was rotten. It may sound nuts, but if everything goes to plan, it would actually be more cost effective than removing and patching all the rot piece by piece. This method will just replace the entire panel. All we’ve gotta do now is find a Supra with a clean rear end, and we’re good to go!