Swapped: BEAMS 3SGE AE86


And here she is! With attention to detail being one of our top rules here at Cyrious Garageworks, we make sure that all of our custom motor swaps are done as cleanly and tidily as is humanly possible. Wires were loomed, tucked and hidden away wherever possible to highlight what is a really awesome and unique motor.


For that extra little bit of awesome, we used AN fittings and steel braided hose wherever it was necessary. I mean, who doesn’t love this stuff?


Some of our eagle-eyed readers may have also noticed that this car is using ITB’s! We were able to adapt ITB’s from the 20v Blacktop 4AGE, and they worked perfectly for this setup!


The Mishimoto catch can fits perfectly right beside the radiator. We like using the Mishimoto catch cans not only for their form factor, but also because they look really good!


Moving over to the other side of the motor, you can see that we used the OEM exhaust manifold, albeit with a few modifications to fit it to the new chassis. You can also see here that we made “hard hoses” for the radiator on this car, using straight pieces of tube to cross the front of the motor.


And here she is, buttoned up and completed! Once again, a unique and cool swap on a super-cool car! We would recommend this swap to anybody wanting a modern Toyota power plant in their AE86!

As with any motor swap, the real moment of truth is tuning. Fortunately, this car did not fail to amaze, making 200hp on the dyno! Any AE86 enthusiast will tell you, with 200hp this car will move like hot fire. Big props have to go to Sasha from Onpoint Dyno for doing an amazing job tuning this one out!