The Golden One – 1972 Cadillac Eldorado Wagon

When people talk about Cadillac wagons, most of the time they’re referring to the more recent CTS-V wagons which just happen to be some of the coolest wagons out there these days. In this case however, we’re talking about one which may have been a sort of spiritual predecessor to the CTS-V: a 1972 Cadillac Eldorado Wagon. You’ve never seen one before? Never knew it existed? That’s because it didn’t. Not in a “production” sense, anyway. GM had created clay concepts, but never really followed through past that. At the time, GM decided it would be a fun idea to send a handful of fresh off the line unpainted Cadillac Eldorados to a custom shop in California. From there, they handled the custom coachwork to turn these Eldorados into Estate wagons, and that is what you see here! We don’t know much of the story past that, but we do know someone who has one, and it was in need of some restoration. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity to work on an interesting piece of automotive history, and got a glimpse of what went in to building these custom wagons.

On the surface, this thing is still lookin’ pretty good. Though it may be just shy of 50 years old, it seems like it was well cared for through those years. That said, 50 years can take its toll on any vehicle not stored inside of a bubble, and this old Eldorado was beginning to show its age.

Mechanically speaking, there’s not too much to do here. The body is getting a bit tired in spots though, and the vinyl landau top has definitely seen better days. Let’s dig in!