The Targa Truck – 1971 GMC Truck

Anybody who is familiar with us here at Cyrious Garageworks is probably also familiar with the fact that we tend to enjoy a challenge. A challenge is exactly what we were presented with when Mark brought us the Targa Truck: a 1971 GMC Truck being repurposed from moving lumber from the hardware store to tearing up the streets of Newfoundland during Targa Newfoundland. Though Mark had already ripped the truck at the Targa rally, he felt there were some changes that needed to be made. In short: we needed to convert this already modified truck into a purpose built, mid-engined truck that should hopefully handle like a race car. We said it’d be a challenge, right? Let’s wind this thing back and see what we started out with.

The Targa Truck came to us with some pretty big modifications already under way. The rear frame and roll cage were completed at Four Star Motorsports, a renowned local rally shop. The engine was also roughed in, with the firewall completely removed along with some of the body. It’s a good start, but there’s a pile of work to do. Between getting the drivetrain properly fitted to the chassis, and otherwise finishing this into a proper racing beast, we’ve definitely got our work cut out for us! Let’s dig in!