As I’m sure most of you know, we here at Cyrious Garageworks are very closely involved with drifting in our home country of Canada. With that being said, we’re always looking for opportunities to make drifting and drifting specialty parts more available to our Canadian compatriots; so when the opportunity came up for us to start selling Wisefab kits we obviously jumped on it!


“Wisefab is a company created by drifting enthusiasts who got sick and tired of the fact, that there were no drifting parts for BMW-s. So starting to develop a kit for E30 and E36 lead to the craziest steering lock of them all on the cars that had no drifting parts prior to Wisefab. Just the lock itself was not a only goal creating the kits. Wisefab engineer Risto Kõiv spent countless hours trying to create perfect all-over drifting geometry for our kits.
With everybody starting to ask the kits for other cars besides BMW we were pushed towards creating other kits as well. First we started on the holy grail of drifting – Nissan S Chassis. With the goal of going even further on the geometry and lock than on the previous kits, we have reached our goal and the Nissan kit will be available in the December of 2011.
We will not stop there – we will continue to create kits for other cars as well and new kits will be released in the beginning of 2012.
Our kits are now available worldwide through our dealers and our webshop!” – Wisefab


Happy drifting!