Project 86: Build A Dream AE86 In 86 Days

Things were really coming together at this point! The hard work was definitely paying off, as this car was cleaning up quite nicely! We mentioned in the beginning that the car was originally an SR5, so we would need to convert it to a GT-S. To the uninitiated, that’s just a matter of changing the sticker on the back, right? Not quite so simple, unfortunately. One of the biggest jobs of swapping a SR5 over to GT-S is the wiring harness, among other things. Since the goal was to have this car be fully street-legal, the entire wiring harness would have to be swapped out and thoroughly checked to make sure that all of the necessary connections are still there. Once that’s done, the harness is installed and the build continues! Tubing arrived from Vibrant Performance, and not a moment too soon, as it was time to fabricate the custom exhaust and manifold!

With fabrication mostly completed and finishing touches being added to the exterior, it was time to call in Sasha from Onpoint Dyno + Race Service to get the tuning all done and bring this beast to life! Not much left to do now but show you the finished product: